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Magnetic Button made of Shigaraki Ware


Please note: If you place an order for this product it will take up to 2 weeks to ship directly from Japan. Only items being shipped from Japan in this online store may be ordered at the same time. If you wish to purchase other items from our online store you will need to do this separately for accurate postage costs. Thank you.

Shigaraki ware pottery with a button motif, made by Meizan Gama, a ceramics manufacturer founded in 1622 in Kok, Shiga Prefecture. Shigaraki ware is distinguished by its earthy charm, which conveys a sense of simplicity and robustness. It's profoundly fascinating look has a connection with the spirit of "wabi-sabi" (the beauty of natural imperfection), and it has produced countless masterpiece tea utensils.
The skilled craftspeople at Meizan Gama continue to create works with warmth. with the living thing that is the earth firmly within their view. Great care has been put into the application of the glaze and the choice and use of firing methods, so that you can feel the warmth of both the earth and humanity emanate from within these small buttons.
Magnets are inserted in the buttons, allowing you to use these items as small pin cushions when you want to give your needles a rest. They can also be used as paperclip holders or decorative magnets, or even enjoyed as interior ornaments or stationery items that add color to your living space.

- Magnets are inserted in the buttons
- Allow you to use these items as small pin cushions
- Used as paperclip holders or decorative magnets
- Presented in signature Cohana gift box
- Measures: 54 W x 24 H x 54 D when packed
- Weighs: 25g
- Materials: Ceramics Anisotropic Ferrite Magnet Felt
- Colours available: yellow, pink, green, blue, grey