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Easter Bunnies


These beautiful Easter themed Bunnies have been handcrafted in a tiny village in the Erzgebirge mountains in Germany, by Bettina the sixth generation of her family to work as a master in woodcraft.

All are handcrafted from sustainably grown timber with painted details and decoration. Free-standing figurines perfect for decorating the Easter table or around the home.

These handmade decorations will be something you will treasure for years to come.

Available designs:
Father & mother bunny hiding Easter treats under snow drops.
Dimensions: 14cm H x 11cm W

Mother Bunny hiding Easter treats in the garden.
Dimensions: 14cm H x 12cm W

Mother bunny pulling her cart of eggs and son home from the market.
Dimensions: 12cm H x 17.5cm W

Father bunny and daughter return from market pushing and pulling a cart of Easter eggs.
Dimensions: 12cm H x 17.5cm W