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Flat Cats & Flat Dogs Pins - Exclusive to the Crafty Squirrel!


Who remembers Flat Cats? Launched in 1992 (when I was still in high school!), Flat Cats were a huge hit from day one – the brainchild of art director Grahame Smith and PR friend, Kathee Gunn (My step Mum!).

Somewhere along the line Flat Dogs came along too and you could buy everything from lunch boxes, ironing board covers, and umbrellas embellished in Flat Cats & Dogs! Well now I’m pleased to say that exclusively available at the Crafty Squirrel we have the whole gang as enamel pins!

Flat Cat characters include – Whiskers, Curly, Scaredy, Smarty, Slacko, Short Black, Long Black & Hangover and in Flat Dogs we have MacFlat, Dotty, Fang, Nosey, Snag, Oscar & Butch.

A great collectible gift for yourself or another cat or dog lover you know...and for those who can’t decide on just one – choose 3 for $30! (Just list which ones you would like in the note section of your order).

All pins are approx. 4cm