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Pom Pom Animal Kit


Box containing 5 do-it-yourself animal pompoms. Each animal is composed of a body and a pair of feet, a cardboard disk, and of a ball of wool to make the pompom. To make the pompom, the disk needs to be placed on the animal and to wind the wool all around by putting it into the slot for that purpose. Once the ball of wool is winded around the animal, the wool must be cut all around by placing the scissors between the animal and the disk. Then, the pompom has to be tied with a piece of wool, then you can remove the cardboard disk and it”s done! The feet must be fixed to the animal to make a beautiful figurine. Do-it-yourself animals: cat, wolf, chick, fox and rabbit. 5 balls of wool including 2 with silver threads. Includes an instruction leaflet. Sold in a cardboard suitcase totally printed with fabric handle.

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