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Charmy Chan Acrylic Charms


The Charmy-Chan toys date back to the 1930s in Japan and have been sold for decades to fans all around the world. Now the most popular toys are reproduced as miniature blindbox versions, some even complete with packaging staying true to the originals.

Charmy-chan, who is very popular in Japan and overseas, joins five-shaped animals to make a triple acrylic charm with a stylish wire ring type!

5 types in total
Yellow (Charmy-chan + type 5 animal giraffe)
Aka (Charmy-chan + type 5 animal deer)
Ao (Charmy-chan + type 5 animal elephant)
Pink (Charmy-chan + type 5 animal bear)
Shiro (Charmy-chan + type 5 animal rabbit)

*Please note: you cannot choose the contents, this is for one blind box.

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