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Crafty Girls Talk


Crafty Girls Talk is a collection of interviews from around the world of women who craft for fun, for profit and for others. Each story is an exploration of that crafty girl's world, what they make and where they have taken their passion for creating.

Those of you who know me will know that I love a good chat! I love to hear the stories of those that pop into the shop or whom I meet at a market. I love to hear about what others are creating, crafting, making. What inspires them, who they learn't their skill from be it sewing, knitting or crochet or just what inspires them in their creative lives.

This book is like having a good chat about all of those things. Learning from others about what they do and why and namely how is just so inspiring. This is definitely the type of book that you could sit down with a nice cup of tea and get totally lost in the stories of these creative women from across the globe.

And if you are interested.....Chapter 2 is about me! AND my apple pincushion is on the front cover! Hooray for that I say!