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Image of Metallic pencils, pastel highlighters & modern gel pens

Metallic pencils, pastel highlighters & modern gel pens

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We love good stationary and these fab pencils, highlighters and pens are just the ticket.

For the sophisticated writer or artist, the Modern Writers are the fine tip gel pens that are perfect for detailed drawing or fine print writing. Modern Writers come as a set of 6 colored inks and tips at 0.7mm. That makes for some pretty detailed drawing. These colored gel pens are great for keeping your writing nice and small and colored note-taking as well.

Bring a modern look to your colouring projects with the Modern Metallics Coloured Pencils. This fun pencil set features 12 unique colors that'll leave a glistening sheen that can make your coloring truly distinct. Try mixing metallic colors together for even more interesting hues. You can also make elements in your colouring books stand out by mixing metallic colours with classic ones. Modern Metallics have triangular shaped barrels that make a great ergonomic fit for easy coloring; and roll-away pencils will be a thing of the past.

Draw and highlight with beautifully bright pastel colors with the Pastel Liners marker set. Pastel Liners are a set of 8 pastel markers with dual tips on each marker. One side is a 5mm chisel tip so you can use it as a pastel highlighter pen. The other end is a 3mm fine tip marker that you can use to sketch, colour, draw and write in beautiful pastel colors. Your school, office or homework will never be boring again when you have a marker set that can colour, write and highlight at the same time.

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