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Image of Sonny Angel 20th Anniversary Looking Back Hipper+9

Sonny Angel 20th Anniversary Looking Back Hipper+9

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Sonny Angel has been beloved worldwide since its debut in 2004, and in 2024, we celebrate its 20th anniversary. To express our heartfelt gratitude, we are releasing special 20th-anniversary products. We will always aim to bring smiles to our customers' faces and provide comfort through companionship.

The HIPPERS series are designed to be attached to objects around you. The "Looking Back" series features Sonny Angel figures in a turning pose, allowing you to enjoy both their adorable face and charming backside. The bright and cheerful neon colors of this series will make the 20th anniversary of Sonny Angel's life a colorful and festive celebration.

You can attach HIPPERS to any flat surface with the supplied adhesive tape. You can remove and reattach the adhesive several times.
*Adhesive strength may decrease depending on the material and condition of the surfaces to which it is attached.

Sonny Angel can climb around your desk and on things around you. He turns around and watches over you as you work and study. When your eyes meet Sonny Angel, your heart will be healed!

Attach it to your smartphone and have Sonny Angel by your side wherever you go. With the Looking Back series, you can take a selfie with Sonny Angel looking at the camera with you!

HIPPERS can be placed anywhere to add a touch of whimsy and love to any space in your home, car, or workplace.

The package is designed with Sonny Angel's 20th anniversary logo. There are 12 types of figures + 1 secret for a total of 13 types. Half the fun is finding out which Sonny Angel you will meet when you open the package.

■『Sonny Angel HIPPERS Looking Back Series』Line up
Along with fan-favorite animals such as Rabbit and Elephant, this series features the beloved Koala, Sloth, Duck, and others. For the first time in Sonny Angel's history, Hamster has been added to the lineup!

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