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Image of Vintage Bobble head Kokeshi pair

Vintage Bobble head Kokeshi pair


This vintage bobble head kokeshi pair from the 1960's are quite unusual and look as though they may have been crafted as a mix between a Japanese kokeshi, a Russian babushka and a Polish wooden doll. In actual fact they have been made in Korea! Certainly one of a kind! The pair stand approx. 11cm high and have heads that bobble back and forth when you move them.

Kokeshi dolls are Japanese wooden dolls traditionally made for children. It is said that Kokeshi were originally sold to visitors to hot springs in the Tohoku region of Japan during the late Edo period (1600-1868), to supplement business and keep workers' hands busy during the winter months. Over the years they have become increasingly popular worldwide, especially amongst shinnichi (Japanophiles) and collectors.

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